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Available Formats

Each photograph can be purchased as a print, digital download or canvas. Click here for more information on these formats

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The Grove, Stratford
double decker tram on right

West End Emmanuel Church 1910
Viewed from the left, the whole building, trees in autumn

West End Lane
Both sides, view from a turn in the road. Shops and people

Fire Station, West Hampstead
Behind gards, three boys on the left

West End Lane 1908
Both sides with shops, a horse bus

High School for Girls Norland Square c 1910
Viewed from a corner, the building on the left. People walking and sitting on a bench

Westbourne Grove 1903
Looking west from an elevated spot, horse drawn doubledecker and other horse traffice, lots of people, old shops

Bayswater Road 1909
Right side. Lots of people, two horse carriages

Convent Our Lady of Sion, Chepstow Villas 1914
View of the whole Convent, from an elevated spot

The Tower of London c.1910
From the viewing platform showing the towers and Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge
The opening of Tower Bridge

Old Bailey and Newgate Street
Central Criminal Court, London

Covent Garden 1908
People and goods carts

Piccadilly Circus c. 1906
Piccadilly takes it name from a 17th century frilly collar called a picadil. A dressmaker grew rich making them and built a house in...

Leicester Square c. 1910
View from above, winter

Trafalgar Square c. 1910
The fountain and National Gallery in the background

Trafalgar Square 1908
View from St.Martin's-in-the-Field showing the Column and the fountain

Oxford Street c.1910
from Oxford Street West looking from Oxford Circus towards Marble Arch

Oxford Circus c. 1907
Oxford Street - Maples. People and horse traffic

Houses of Parliament/Westminster Bridge c.1910
View of the building from across the Wesminster Bridge, buses and pedestrians on the bridge

St James's Park c.1910
Horse Guards and War Office in the distance. People walking by the lake

Bond Street 1930s-40s
Jubilee Decorations

Twyford Avenue, Acton C1910
Both sides of the street, empty road

Columbia Market, Bethnal Green
View of the whole building, roadwords in front

Chiswick High Road
One side of the road, Fire Station with British flag on top, two trams

Buckingham Palace in 1913
The guards in front of the Palace and Queen Victoria Memorial

Westminster Abbey c.1912
Upright view of the west front of Westminster Abbey, cars in front

Petticoat Lane c.1910
Lots of people

Gladstone Park drinking fountain
The drinking fountain in Gladstone Park

Golders Hill - the Mansion 1905
The whole building on a hill, no people

Highfield Avenue, Golders Green
Both sides, one man walking

St Jude on the Hill
View of the whole church from a distance

Oppidan's News, Primrose Hill
Two horse carriages with people

Drapers Homes, 1920
Houses on one side, with gardens

St.Dionis Church, Parsons Green
The Church is on the right side of the road

Southall Park, 1920
Women on a bench behind a tree, children playing around a fountain

Wood Green, Jolly Butchers Hill 1891
Old double decker buses, bicyclists and people

Highbury Park Terrace 1910
both sides, people walking

Holland Walk
Trees, lady with pram on bench

Victoria and Albert Museum 1939
The whole building from the front, with a small square in front and old cars on the road

Kensington Palace and Queen Victoria Statue
Bushes in front of the Palace. No people

Kensington Palace
The main building of the Palace, ladies walking in the park

Kensington Palace 1904
Main building with extension, people walking, children playing on the lawn

Albert Hall and Albert Memorial
Aerial View of Albert Memorial and Albert Hall

Albert Hall 1906
Albert Hall, London. Autumn, 2 horses, cab

Kensington Gardens
The Longwater, Kensington Gardens, London. Bridge in the background

Imperial Institute, 1906
The Imperial Institute London. Back of horse carriage

The Tudor Gardens
The Derry Roof Gardens, Kensington

State Stable
Inside State stable, horses looking to the camera.

Kensington Gardens 1929
Showing St.Luke's Hospital in the distance, a summer house and a bridge with people on it

Kensington Church Street c1960s
The right side. Underground station, the church spire. People in front of car

Victoria and Albert Museum
Viewed from the corner, people and cars

Hyde Park Corner 1904
2 horse cart with 2 drivers + man on bike

All Saints Church, Talbot Road
Church on the right

Brixton Road
Both sides, trees on the right, traffic

Emanuel Church 1906
The whole building, some people in front

Parsons Green
Parsons Green

Minster Park 1907
Minster Park 1907

Broomhouse Lane 1915
Broomhouse Lane 1915

Covent Garden 1947
Traders, a man with three buskets on head

Covent Garden
Goods carts and people

Golders Gardens, Golders Green 1910
Both sides, two people on right

Lissenden Gardens Parliament Hill Mansions 1940
Tall houses on the left, a 'ghost' figure, cut trees in early spring.

Holloway Empire
On the corner of two streets. Some people and a cart

Holloway St. Mary Magdalene 1904
The church in the distance, the garden, a lade with two children on a bench

Finsbury Gate 1911
Lots of people, a tram and a horse cart

The Broadway, Winchmore Hill
Right side, shops, theryy bikes and a cart

Finsbury Park 1906
Under the shade of the willows watching the boating. Lots of people on benches

Hornsey Library and Fire Station
Viewed from the left A fire engine with people around it

Tottenham Wesleyan Methodist Church 1905
Viewed from the right. The whole bulding

Tottenham Holy Trinity Church and Old Pump 1903
A fire ladder and cart, people and two horse carts

Seven Sisters Corner 1904
Both sides, lots of horse traffic

Tottenham Cross 1904
The Cross on the right, shops on the left side. A bicyclist, horse traffic and people

Stamford Hill 1905
Right side. Lots of people, a bus in the distance

High Street Stoke Newington 1905
Both sides, shops, horse traffic, a horse bus, people

Agincourt Road Wesleyan Church
The church on the right, five firsl posing

Mansfield Road 1909
Shops on the right, some people and a horse cart

Wellington Rd 1907
Right Side, a double decker bus on the left. Church spire in the distance

Henry Street 1906
Both sides, shops on the right, men walking

High Street St. Johns Wood 1950
Both sides from a road junction. Old cars

Carlton Hill
Both sides, crossroads

Elsworthy Road 1905
Wide road, young trees, horse cart in the distance

Boundary Road 1905
Both sides, a bend in the road. Shops on the right

Hamilton Terrace  St Mark's Church 1909
The church on the right, among trees

Loudoun Rd 1910
Both sides, looking up. A man on a bike, some people and carts

Loudoun Rd Loudoun House School
The whole building from an elevated point

Marlborough Hill St 1908
Going down, a horse cart

Marlborough Road Station and Queens Road Marlborough Road Station 1908
Station on the left, a queue of horse carriages, a lady with a pram

Swiss Cottage 1902
Horse bus in front

Hampstead Lane
Right side, trees on the left

Highgate Woods Rustic Bridge
Children on the bridge

Highgate Woods 1905
Two ladies on a bench with a pram

Queens Wood 1905
Lady with a pram on a bench

Hyde Park Corner
Arial View

Hyde Park Serpentine 1907
The bank on the right, with people sitting on benches, chairs on the grass, children playing. Boats on the water, the bridge in the distance

Kensington Gardens and Serpentine
A romantic view of the lake from between bushes. Lots of boats

Hyde Park Dog's Cemetery
Lots of graves with clear dog names, upright

Hyde Park Rotten Row
Lots of Riders

Hyde Park
Riders in Rotten Row. Close up of riders

Regents Park 1910
The Lake and New Bridge island Regents park. Ladies with prams

Regents Park Zoo 1908
Monkey House. Flowers in front

St James Park Milk Stall
A cow, four people and a boy in front of the stall, with large milk containers

Tufnell Park Road 1905
Both sides, the church on the right. Horse carts

Highbury New Park St.Augustine's Church 1907
Both sides, a policeman in the middle of the road, a dog

Highbury New Park St.Augustine's Church
The church viewed from the left. A lady and a boy on a bicycle

Gibson Square 1907
Viewed from the right. Two ladies in the distance

Highbury Jubilee Clock, Christ Church 1911
The clock in front of the church. Men posing

Upper Street
Left side, lots of people and horse buses

Islington The Angel 1792
The Angel in 1792

Islington The Angel
Right side. Lots of oeple and horse carts

Tufnell Park Street 1919
off Fortess Rd, Burghley Road, Highgate Road

Fortess Road 1908
Both sides, shops, people and traffic

Courthope Road
Both sides, two children and a man, no traffic

Carlingford Road 1906
Right side, no traffic or people

Savernake Road All Hallows Church 1906
Church on the right. A clear close-of of a man and a woman walking

Lissenden Gardens, Highgate Road 1910
Right side, trees on the left. A woman with a pram

Kentish Town St.Lukes Church 1909
The church at the end of the street on a bend. Both sides of the road. A lade with a pram

Islington Green and Sir Hugh Myddeltons Statue
The statue on the right, shops on the left, two ladies walking in front

Monument c1905
Upright, the whole of the Monument

Monument c 1910
Viewed from a distance, showing some shops and traffic.

The Monument is behind houses, big advertising boards on the left hand side building. Men in suits walking in front.

Russel Square, Imperial Hotel 1942
Square on the left, parked cars

University of London 1940s
Upright. Parked cars on the left

Bank of England c1910
Horse carriages and people. Bank is on the left, Royal Exchange on the right. A drawing

Bank of England c1920s
Viewed from an elevated point, cars, buses and people

Billingsgate Market
Lots of people, a horse cart with barrels

Cardinal Wolsey's Palace
The building in a terrace. Men walking in front

Cheapside looking east c1905
The back of the statue looking down. People and traffic

Fleet Street and the Griffin 1904
Both sides, horse carriages and buses

Fleet Street and the Law Courts
View from above, both sides, horse traffic and people

Fleet Street and the Law Courts
Upright, view from above, both sides, people and horse traffic

Fleet Street c1910
The Law Courts & Temple bar, one side

Fleet Street c1910
Temple Bar, one side

Fore Street
'London under Fire' - the ruins

Guildhall 1927
Two cars, upright. St.Andrew's flag on top

Hatton Garden from Holborn Circus
A horse statue on the right. People and horse traffic

High Holborn 1940s
'London under Fire' - the ruins

Liverpool Street Station 1907
Entrance to the station, lots of people

London Bridge 1932
Viewed from the left. Traffic on the bridge

London Bridge c1910
Viewed from the right. Lots of people and horse traffic. A boat on the Thames on the right

London Wall 1940s
'London under Fire' - the ruins

Ludgate Circus c1910
St.Pauls in the background, lots of people and horse traffic

Mansion House and Cheapside 1905
Mansion house is on the left. Upright

Old Bailey Central Criminal Court
Viewed from a corner. A drawing

Old Bailey Central Criminal Court c1920
Viewed from a corner. Lots of people and some cars

St.Pauls Cathedral
From above, full front view, upright

St.Pauls Cathedral 1946
The back of the Cathedral from Cannon Street

St.Paul's Cathedral from across the Thames 1926
St.Paul's dome above buildings

St.Paul's Cross 1931
The full length of the cross with people around. Upright

Temple Church
Empty yard

The Royal Mint 1911
Silver Melting House, people working

The Royal Mint 1907
Men walking and sitting

The Royal Mint c1910
The Medal Presses, people working

Whitechapel Church 1906
Right side of the road, the Church in the distance. A horse cart and people

Ludgate Hill and Queen Anne's Statue 1916
Looking onto Fleet Street. Lots of people and horse traffic

Aldgate, the Pump 1912
The pump with a boy posing

The famous centre for the latest novelties

Buckingham Palace
Side view, 2 cars, people in the distance

Buckingham Palace c1910
Side view, people walking. Flag on top

Buckingham Palace from the lake 1907
Viewed from across the lake in St.James's Garden

Guards Band Buckingham Palace 1950
Cars behind the band

Hyde Park Corner/Grosvenor Place Wellington's Statue & Ark
People and horse carriages in the distance

Pall Mall c1920s
Both sides, cars, horses and people

Pall Mall, Carlton Hotel
Viewed from a corner. Horse carriages

St.James's Palace c1910
The tower with a clock. Men walking, a horse carriage

St.James's Palace c1910
One side. A guard marching.

The Mall, Green Park and Queen Victoria Memorial 1913
The Memorial in the distance. Young trees

King's Cross Station 1912
Enquiry Office. People walking, train on the right

Old St Pancras Church 1907
Viewed from opposite side of the road. Church behind trees

Lambeth Palace
From the opposite bank of the Thames, a peer in the middle of the river

Lambeth Palace 1940s
A large car and people in front

Manchester Square, W1 1908
Hertford House (containing the Wallace Collection) Horse carriages and people crossing the street

Marylebone Rd c1910
Harley House. Horses & Carriages

Marylebone Road 1905
Horses, trycicle, people, both sides, MdeTusseaus in background

Albemarle Street c1930s
Viewed from above, parked cars

Down Street 1911
Right side of the road, children posing, horse carriages in the distance

Marble Arch c1910
Viewed towards Hyde Park, people walking, a horse carriage

Marble Arch c1910
View from Hyde Park, people walking, a horse rider

Park Lane c1910
Viewed from above, lots of people and horse traffic

London Bridge 1906
Viewed from the right. Lots of people and horse traffic. A boat on the Thames on the right

Port of London Authority
The whole building upright

The Tower of London 1910
From viewing platform, goods horse carts in front

The Tower of London from Tower Bridge
Vied from across the Thames

Tower Bridge
Bridge opening. Boats on the Thames

Tower Bridge and River Thames
The bridge in the distance, boats on the Thames. Upright

Admiralty Arch
A view from air and earth

Australia House Stand 1929
Buses and cars, fog in the background

Charing Cross 1905
Many people and horse traffic

Charing Cross Road, Palace Theatre 1911
The whole building of the Theatre, people walking in front

Covent Garden 1923
Lots of stacked boxed

Covent Garden, Opera House c1910
Viewed from a corner, people and horse carriages

Covent Garden
Greens and sacks on lots of stalls outside

Kingsway and Aldwych
The opening of Kingsway and Aldwych. Deputation awaiting the King's arrival

Leicester Square 1904
View from an elevated point, the Alhambra and the Shakespeare statue

Leicester Square 1905
From above, the Shakespear statue in the middle, Alhambra Theatre in the background

Oxford Music Hall
Upright, posters in front. A horse carriage passing by

Oxford Street 1949
View from an alevated point, bus car and people

Piccadilly Circus 1960s
View from above on the Shaftsbury Avenue corner, Eros in the middle

Piccadilly Circus c1910
Horse traffic and people

Selfridges Gardens 1936
The Hanging Gardens of London. Selfridges. Old English Gardens looking west

Southampton Row 1908
Tram coming out from tunnel, upright

The Strand, Gladstone Statue
The church in the background, men in front

The Strand 1930s The Gaiety Theatre
The Gaiety Theatre, from above. Lots of people, cars

The Strand 1930s
Looking east from above. Lots of cars and people

Trafalgar Square 1940s
Posing for a photograph with the pigeons

Trafalgar Square and St.Martin-in-the-Fields
Half a colunm, two fountains, St.Martin-in-the-Fields and a part of National Gallery

Waterloo Bridge and Somerset House
View across the Thames from above

Waterloo Place
A statue in the middle, horse carriages

Embankment HMS Buzzard c1910
Volunteer training ship. Embankment on the left

Houses of Parliament c1910
From the south bank of the Thames. Boats in front

The Thames and the President 1944
The ship in the distance coming towards the viewer. Boys in front on the bridge

Trafalgar Square 1916
Half of column, old bus + car, most of National Gallery, side of St.Martins

Trafalgar Square 1904
London. National Gallery. Horse carriages from the back, Gallery + St.Martins in

Trafalgar Square c1910
From above, the Column in full, view on St.Martins and corner of National Gallery

Westminster Abbey c1910
Upright, Grand Entrance

Westminster Abbey west front 1905
No traffic or people + coat of arms

Westminster Bridge and Houses of Parliament 1910-20
Houses of Parliament from the south bank of the Thames. Buses and horse traffic

Whitehall 1940s
The horse guards

St.Paul's Cathedral - View from Fleet Street
Upright. Lots of traffic. St.Paul's in the distance

St.Paul's Cathedral - View from Fleet Street
Upright. Lots of traffic. St.Paul's in the distance

Bull and Bush Pub
The lawn with lots of people sitting at tables

Bull and Bush Pub 1905
Down at the Old Bull and Bush' - a crowd of people outside

Bull and Bush Pub 1904
Looking from left, people in front

Jack Straw Castle 1909
View from the right, a horse and cart in front

Bull and Bush Pub and North End Road
Both sides of the road, the pub on the right

Bull and Bush Pub
View from the front, one man and a dog

Spaniards Pub 1908
Pub on the left of the road, women with a pram

Child's Hill Running Sheds
Inside, with trains

Soldiers Daughters Home
Whole main building with a lawn in front

Flask Walk
Both streets, showing shop signs, looking uphill

Welsh Harp, Hendon 1910
The pub on the right, people on bicycles

Welsh Harp Bridge 1904
A double decker bus on the bridge, some pedestrians

Waterloo Bridge c1905
View from the left to Somerset House

Waterloo Bridge 1912
View from South Bank, lots of horse traffic

Tower of London 1908
A panaramic view from Tower Bridge, a drawing

St.Clement Danes and Law Courts c1910
Full view of the front of the the church, Law Courts on the left. Upright. A drawing

Poets Corner and St.Margarets Church 1909
Statue in front, men walking

Westminster Abbey.  Coronation 1911
Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary, 22 June 1911. The Royal Carriage leaving the Abbey

The Royal Coach at the New Admiralty Arch 1911
Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary, 22 June 1911

Whitehall. The Cenotaph
'In Memory of Our Glorious Dead' Flowers at the bottom and a soldier

Westminster Cathedral 1906
Whole building, no people. Upright

White Hall, 2-5 Montague Street, WC1
Back garden with chairs and tables, a man sitting

Admiralty Arch The Coronation 1953
The state coach procession, 2 June 1953

Kingsway c1920
Both sides, cars and horse carriages

Trafalgar Square c1930
View from National Gallery onto White Hall. The full length of Nelson's Column

Victoria Memorial and the Mall. Silver Jubilee 1935
Royal procession passing the Queen Victoria Memorial. View from above

Piccadilly.  Coronation 1911
Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary, 22 June 1911. Their Majesties

Buckingham Palace c1910
Lots of people, flag on top

Piccadilly from Hyde Park Corner 1907
View from above, Hyde Park on the right

Constitution Hill and Quadriga 1938
Tree lined, both sides, cars in the distance

Acton Main Line Railway Station
The new station at Acton, Great Westner Railway. Platforms both sides

Brixton Road 1906
White Horse Corner

Camden Road c1910
Cross roads, church spire, people and horse carts

Camden Square c1910
Houses on the right, square on the left

Young's Corner, Chiswick 1908
Left side, trams and traffic in the distance

Mount Pond, Clapham Common
Lady on the right

Mount Pond, Clapham Common 1908
Lots of people on the bank on the right

St.Gabriels Church 1909 Cricklewood
The whole building, no people

Rockhall Terrace c1906
View from the left, one side, trees, no people

Edgware Road Flood 1923
After 40 days! - water on the street, no people

Gladstone Park Bandstand c1910
No people, a slope on the right

Gladstone Park Level crossing 1913
Lots of people, railway

Gentleman's Row 1911
Wooden Gates, house on the right

The Moat 1910
One side, no people

New Bridge over Dollis Brook 1905
Both sides, a man in the distance

Dollis Brook c1910
Horses drinking

Church End 1906
Horse, troph, triangle

Finsbury Park 1904
New Electric Trams at Finsbury Park

Hoop Lane 1950
car, woman, church in distance, 592

Chaterbox Row 1919
Empty street, one side

Hammersmith Bridge 1923
Entrance to the bridge. A cyclist and a bus in the distance, a couple of people walking on the right side.

The Broadway 1904
Lots of people and some horse traffic

North End Old Houses 1907
Man in front, houses on the right

Broadhurst Gardens 1907
Looking down, tall houses on the right, horse carts in the distance

Town Hall
Whole building, no people

College Terrace, N3
The Fountain and people sitting on a bench

Holly Place
Left side, the church in the middle

Holly Bush pub 1940s
Viewed from a narrow street. Car and lots of people

Holly Hill
Left side viewed from the hill, a bend in the road

Holly Hill
Left side, the house covered in ivy. A bicyclist and some people in the distance

Mount Vernon Hospital 1908
The whole building, the law in front

The Grove
Entrance to The Grove, no people

Holly Bush Hill Romney's House
Right side, an old car

Cannon Place, Cannon Hall
The building covered in ivy, two cannons outside, the conservatory

Arkwright Road  1908
Two sides, looking down

The Grove, New Grove House 1917
George du Maurier lived here 1874 to 1895

Lyndhurst Gardens, Lansdowne House
House from the corner

Well Walk 1905
Both sides, tree lined

Leg of Mutton Pond 1911, Hampstead Heath
'The Band of Hope'. Men fishing

Willow Walk 1905
Corner houses, two people with a hand cartv

Well Walk 1923
Both sides, tree lined, a horse and carriage in the distance

Well Walk 1962
Right sides, trees. Old cars in the distance

Rosslyn Hill 1930s
Looking down, shops on the left side, lots of cars, St.Stephens church in the distance

Rosslyn Hill c1910
One side, shops, people and children

Rosslyn Hill 1906
Left side, shops, looking downhill

Rosslyn Hill
Crossroads of Thirlow Road on the left and Downshire Road on the right

Rosslyn Hill
Crossroads of Thirlow Road on the left and Downshire Road on the right

Tailors Institute, Queens Crescent, Haverstock Hill 1909
The building on the corner, people on bicycles

Rosslyn Hill 1906
Right side of the road, looking up

Haverstock Hill 1906
Right side of the road, looking up, a horse bus, a horse on the road, people walking. A church and shops in the distance

Haverstock Hill
Maitland Park and Southampton Road

St.Stephen's Church
The church is on the corner, behind trees

Haverstock Hill 1919
Left side of the road, residential

Elsworthy Road
Both sides of the road, a tricycle and a car

Entrance to the Heath
Children and women on both sides of the road

Downshire Hill
Two horse riders, the church on the right

Keats House, Wentworth Place
Showing the old mulberry tree

Keats Grove
Left side, a row of houses

Keats House, Keats Grove
The front of the houses

Station Parade, Hampstead
Left side, shops, horse carts

Station Parade, Hampstead 1906
Horse traffic, a dog

South End Road 1906
Station on the right, view from above

South Hill Park and South Hill Park Gardens 1905
Two roads meeting in a triangle

Hampstead Ponds, Hampstead Heath
General View, two ponds

Hampstead Ponds
General View, one pond

Belsize Avenue
Both sides of the road, lined with trees

St.Peters Church and Belsize Avenue
The church is on the left

Belsize Avenue 1932
Both sides, empty street

Belsize Avenue 1912
Right side, one horse cart on the right

Lancaster Road, now Lancaster Grove
Left side, a couple of people and a cart

Belsize Park Gardens 1909
Both sides, green trees. A horse carriage and a man

Belsize Park Gardens 1912
Both sides, green trees. Empty road

Belsize Park Gardens 1907
Both sides, a cyclist and a horse carriage

Glenloch Road
A child

Glenmore Road
Both sides, from crossroads. One man

Downside Crescent 1911
From a corner

Downside Crescent
Both sides from a turn in the road. A cyclists and a man

Cenotaph and Jack Straw's Castle
Horse riders, people sitting on benches on the right

Englands Lane 1906
Both sides, people, horses and carts

Englands Lane St.Mary's Convent
From a corner, half the building covered in growth

Englands Lane St.Mary's Convent 1904
Inside garden, girls playing

Sloane Street 1916
Both sides, shops, lots of people, horse carriages

Bramham Gardens c1910
Both sides, people posing

Chalcot Crescent 1905
Both sides, a park in the distance. A small child

Primrose Hill St.Mary the Virgin 1917
View of the whole church

King Henry's Road
From T-junction

Elsworthy Road
Both sides, park at the end

Wadham Gardens
Both sides from a turn in the road. Trees in winter. A small boy posing

Primrose Hill 1906
Women with prams around the drinking fountain

Maresfield Gardens
Both sides, houses are hidden behind bushes. A horse rider

Aberdare Gardens
Both sides, street disappearing in the fog in the distance. Man standing in front

Alexandra Road 1905
Both sides from crossroads with Abbey Road. A horse carriage in the distance

Goldhurst Terrace
Croassroads with Fairhazel Gardens

Canfield Road 1907
Both sides from crossroads. Horse carriages and people

Fairhazel Gardens 1907
Crossroads, horse carriage and people

Champayne Gardens 1913
Crossroads, a large horse cart in the distance.

Goldhurst Terrace
Both sides, from another road. A horse cart in the middle of the road, several women walking

Greencroft Gardens 1908
Both sides, women walking

Broadhurst Gardens 1907
Bend in the road in the distance. Two women walking on the right

Broadhurst Gardens 1906
Both sides looking down. Horse carriage in the middle

Broadhurst Gardens 1923
Left side, a cart with two horses, people walking, a lady with an umbrella

Briardale Gardens 1909
Both sides from Finchley Road

Fellows Road 1905
Both sides, lined with trees

Fellows Road 1906
Viewed from crossroads. Horse cart on the left

St.Saviours Church 1906
Spire and church hall

15, Netherall Gardens Abbey Court Residential Hotel
The whole building viewed from a bend in the road

Eton Road 1907
Church is on the right. People walking

Berridge House 1909
The sign reading National Society Training College. Viewed from the corner

Burgess Hill Woodlands School
The houses. Childreng in the playground

Cannon Hill
Both sides, horse and carts

Cannon Hill 1915
Open space on the right

Fordwych Road St. Cuthberts Church
Right side of the road.

Fordwych Road 1915
Both sides, a couple of people

West End Lane Immanuel Church
View from the front, children on the left. Autunm trees

All Souls Church
Viewed from a corner

Hackney College 1905
The building from the road, a boy and tricycle

Hackney College 1905
Close-up of the main building

Westbere Road, Haberdashers School
Assembley Hall, full of pupils on two levels

Westbere Road, Haberdashers School
Playing field, a cricket match with players and spectators. School in the distance

Ulysses Road
Right side, a horse card with a couple of people. Fortune Green

Hillfield Road, off Mill Lane 1906
Both sides, a couple of women, a child and a horse carriage in the distance

Hillfield Road, off Mill Lane 1908
Left side, no people or traffic

Fortune Green Road
Right side, people walking and on bicycles

Fortune Green 1908
Children on the open field, houses in the distance

Mill Lane
Houses on the left, church on the right

West Hampstead Fortune Green
Main alley, church in the distance, two people working

New College Hampstead 1903
The building viewed from the right hand corner, horse carts in front

Hampstead Heath
View of the pond. Houses and horse carriages

Jack Straws Castle 1952
Car and people walking

West Heath Road 1908
Trees, the Heath on the left

Jack Straws Castle
View from the left. Horse and cart, two men and a dog

Manor House Hospital
Opening Ceremony by Sir Wm.Robertson. People sitting on a platform

Vale of Health Pond
View from above, the whole pond, houses on the opposite side, road on the right

Vale of Health Pond
View from an elevated point. Building on the opposite side of the pond. A family walking

White Stone Pond
Corner of the Pond, boys playing

White Stone Pond 1907
Middle of the Pond, horse and cart in water

White Stone Pond 1908
Flagstaff and Spaniards Road

White Stone Pond 1907
Right side, two horses and carts in the water

White Stone Pond
Right side, horse and cart in water, lady with a parasol

White Stone Pond 1902
Left side, some boats

White Stone Pond 1925
lady in front

White Stone Pond
People and toy boats

Vale of Health Pond Hampstead Heath 1907
A family of swans, large house on the top of the hill on the opposite side

Vale of Health Pond Hampstead Heath 1904
A man fishing, large house on the top of the hill on the opposite side

Vale of Health Pond Hampstead Heath
A swan, bird houses on the opposite side

Vale of Health Pond Hampstead Heath 1911
Girl in water, people on bank, swans, large house on the top of the hill on the opposite side

Vale of Health Pond Hampstead Heath
Bird house and houses on the opposite side. View from close to the water

Vale of Health Pond Hampstead Heath 1912
Two people on a bench on a hill looking down on the pond

Vale of Health Pond Hampstead Heath 1905
View across the pond to the building on the other sid

Vale of Health Pond Hampstead Heath
Bird house on the opposite side, a swan in front

Bull and Bush 1918
View from the right angle, two cars and people

Bull and Bush 1903
View from the right angle, horses, carts and people in front

Spaniards Road 1912
Tree lined, both sides

East Heath, Hampstead Heath
Sheep grazing on the East Heath

Spaniards Pub
Three riders coming forward, people standing

Hampstead Ponds
Arial View

Top of the Drive, Hampstead Heath
Pine trees, a house behind

High Street Hampstead 1906
Both sides, people, horses and carts

High Street and Wesleyan Church 1905
Three riders going away

Christ Church Hampstead
View of the whole church with trees

Fitzjohn's Avenue 1906
Both sides, muddy road, horse carriages in the distance

Fitzjohn's Avenue
Both sides with trees

Fitzjohn's Avenue. The Convervatoire 1905
The building on the right, a horse cart in front

South End Road 1940s-50s
Left side, shops and people

Both sides looking uphill, a cart on the right

Englands Lane, Haverstock Hill 1913
Both sides, shops, people and horse carts

Twyfrod Abbey, the Grotto
A statue and a model abbey in the Grotto

Battersea Park, 1911
The lake with two rowing boats

Gladstone Park Tea Gardens and Lily Pond 1914
The pond in front, people in the distance

Mount Vernon c1910
2 horses & carts

Leg of Mutton Pond Hampstead 1903
View across the pond

White Stone Pond
boy on donkey

Church Row 1903
both sides, cart & horse

Rotten Row 1904
both sides, river on right

Loudoun Road, All Souls Church 1910 South Hampstead
View from a corner, horse carts

Kings College Road 1905 South Hampstead
Both sides, shops, people

Fir Avenue 1902
Tall trees on both sides

Highgate from Parliament Hill 1903
Bandstand and ponds,no people

Hampstead Heath and Christ Church
People walking on the paths

Old Cottages 1910
Two children sitting, cart & horse

The East Front, Hampton Court Palace
The pond, ladies with parasols

West Front, Hampton Court Palace
The road leading to the entrance, lots of people

Harlesden High Street 1904
Boy and girl close-up, cart, horse, man on bike

Roundwood Park 1909
Roundwood Park, Harlesden. Conservatories, dringing fountain, house

Sellons Farm Harlesden Road 1907
No people, bushes in front

Crownhill Road and Convent of Jesus and Mary 1908
Main road leading to the building in the distance

Holloway Castle
A horse right, people standing. Castle behind trees

Kensal Rise Central Exchange and Chamberlayne Rd 1935
The Exchange before the island in the middle,no traffic, two goods wagons, looking towards Willesden

Chamberlayne Roadd and Wrentham Ave - Wesleyan church  1904
The whole building, some people in the distance, looking towards Willesden

Chamberlayne Rd and Okehampton Rd 1935/40
Looking towards Willesden, no people or traffic

Chamberlayne Rd 1910
Corner of Harvist Rd, both sides, Kensal Rise School school, people on the corner, looking towards Willesden

Chamberlayne Rd 1935/40
The Kensal Rise Constitutional Club and Chamberlayne Road.Corner of Hardinge Rd, looking towards Harrow Rd. No people or traffic

Leighton Gardens c1910
Both sides, people in the distance

Chamberlayne  Road 1905
The Manor House school in the distance on the right, people walking on the left. No traffic

Kensal Rise, Station Road c 1910
Houses on the righ, station in the distance

Harvist Road c1910
Corner of Milman Road, Queens Park in front

Keslake Road 1907
People on both sides posing

Kempe Road 1915
Houses on the left, people posing

Wrentham Avenue and  the Church of Transfiguration
the Church on the left, viewed from Chamberlayne Road

Harvist Road 1925
Both sides, a girl in front

West End Lane
both sides, man, cart in the distance

Quex Road 1905
The Catholic Church, Quex Rd, Kilburn

High Road Kilburn, 1923
View from a high point. Buses and horse traffic

A Bit of Old Mill Hill 1933
Old houses on a hill, no people

Fortis Green Road 1955
Shops on both sides, church in the distance

Putney Bridge 1920s
View from above, traffic on the bridge

Richmond-on-Thames 1908
Lots of boats

Shepherds Bush 1904
Tram, men walking

Stonebridge Park c1920
Man on motocycle

Broadway 1907
Tram Terminus, Broadway, Stratford, 2 trams, both sides

The Cross Roads 1908
The Cross Roads, Swiss Cottage. The Square, people, bikes, horses

New Vauxhall Bridge
Cyclists, pedestrians and traffic in the distance

British Empire Exhibition
Palace of Engineering. Lots of people

The Lodge Wembley Hill Road c1905
Cottage, boy with bike

New Cemetery Willesden
No people, chapel in the distance

Pound Lane c1935
Willesden Fire Station. Car in front, no people

St.Mary's Church 1904
Willesden Old Church. Church behind trees, man sweeping pavement

Church Road Willesden c1910
Upright,cart & horse, both sides

Walm Lane, Willesden Green 1907
Traffic island with lamp in the middle

Willesden Cottage Hospital c1910
Two nurses in front

Willesden  Cottage Hospital 1915
Passmore Edwards Cottage Hospital. No people

Ravenscroft Works Factory 1910
Factory - the whole building from above. A drawing

Holland Park Avenue1904
Left side, ladies on the pavement, horse traffic in the distance

East Carriage Drive, Hyde Park c1905
Trees on the left, houses on the right

Kensington Gardens. The Round Pond
Lots of people on the right, toy boats on the pond

Kensington Gardens
Fountains on the left, people walking and sitting on benches

Brompton Oratory
View from across the road. Man walking in front, people and a horse bus

Kensington High Street and St Mary Abbots
Upright, traffic in front

Brompton Road c1910
Both sides, horse traffic

Portobello Road W10 c1910
Both sides, shops, lots of people, a horse cart

Kensington Park Road and Ladbroke Road W10 1933
Crossroads, church in front, people crossing the road

Kensington Palace Gardens 1906
Both sides, trees, a horse carriage in the middle of the road

Kensington High Street and St Mary Abbots 1905
Upright, the whole building of the church viewed from an elevated point

Warrington Crescent W9 c1910
T-junction, both sides, people crossing the street, horse carts

Portsdown Road 1913
Right side, people in the middle

North Pole Road c1910
Both sides, horse traffic

Notting Hill Gate c1910
Old shops, lots of people, the cinema in the distance

Wellington Terrace & Notting Hill Gate c1910
Houses and shops on the left, wall on the right, people and horse traffic

Lancaster Road W11 c1910
Houses on the left, trees on the right

Kildare Terrace W2 c1910
Right side, church spire in the distance

Inverness Terrace W2
Both sides, houses behind trees

Ladbroke Grove c1910
One side looking towards Central London, railway bridge in the distance, shops, people, a horse cart

Ladbroke Grove Station c1910
Railway bridge, shops and people

Ladbroke Road, Police and Fire Station 1910
Station on the left, fire engine, ladders and people

Pembridge Square and Gardens c1910
Houses on the right, trees on the left

Island on the Lake 1828, Regents Park
An island on the lake and part of Cornwall and Clarence Terrace. Swans and other birds

Regents Park Zoo. Polar bear
People looking at the bear

Regents Park lake c1910
Lots of birds on the lake, children on the left

St.James's Park lake
View across the lake, a boat

Battersea Bridge
Both sides, a carriage in the distance

Fleet Street, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese 1911
Outside, no people. Upright

Cannon Street, St.Pauls Cathedral c1910
Pedestrians on the left, horse traffic on the road

17 Fleet Street, Front Elevation
Beautiful windows, shops below. No people, upright

Smithfield Market - horses and sweepers
Horses, road sweepers. Building on the left

Smithfield Market - the building
Most of the building, horse carts and people

Embarking at London Bridge
Ships, Tower Bridge in the distance

A City Scene - Decorator's cart with a horse and people
People sitting in the cart, two men standing

Green Park Bandstand
Men looking at the bandstand

Buckingham Palace 1912
Flag on top, people walking

Pall Mall 1910
From a T-junction, cars

Aberdare Gardens South Hampstead 1906
Both sides, a carriage in the distance

Sumatra Road c1910
One side, a milk cart in front

Northcourt Hospital for Sick Children
The whole building viewed from the opposite side of the street. A man in front.

Lyncroft Gardens and Emanuel Church
The whole building viewed from the opposite side of the street. A man in front.

Finchley Road, Hampstead 1903
A bend in the corner, shops, two riders on the road, a man in front

Rosslyn Hill 1918
Looking up hill, a man in front, horse carts in the distance

Bathing Pond, Hampstead Heath
Three ladies on the left, men standing on the right

The Spaniards 1905 - a drawing
In autumn. Upright

The Spaniards with a motocycle
Motocycle with a passanger side car

Platts Lane
Corner view, a policeman in front

Platts Lane c1910
Houses on the left, trees on the right. Empty street

A baker's cart, 150 High St Harlesden
Close-up of the cart, the horse and two people

The Canal
A building behind trees, and old barge

Hyde Park People
Lots of people walking and sitting, horse traffic

Kensal Green Cemetery Gates
Entrance to the cemetery - a drawing.

Greetings from Queens Park 1906
St.Johns Church, Queens Park, Harvist Road

A collage of five images of Kilburn 1909
Including Queens Park, Paddington Recreation Ground, Paddington Town Hall, Kilburn Fire Station and High Road

Sutherland Avenue and The Warrington Hotel c1905
Crossroads. People and a horse carriage in front of the hotel in the distance

Thayer Street, Manchester Square
Both sides, people walking, horse carriages

Berkeley Square, Mayfair
Trees on the left, buildings on the right, horse traffic in the distance. Lamp post in front

Hanover Square, Mayfair
William Pitt Memorial. Horse carriages. Buildings on the right and in the distance

Provost Road 1930
One side, empty street

St.Marks Crescent 1906
Both sides, a large building on the right. People crossing the street

Marlborough Mansions
A terrace of 4-storey buildings on the left

St.James Terrace, Albert Road, Regents Park
Viewed from the right, no leaves on trees

London Bridge Station
Lots of horse carriages

Tower of London  - Trators Gate and St.Thomas Tower
A man with a child, a couple of people

Tower of London - The Middle Gate
A group of people walking out

Somerset House, Strand 1903
St.Mary-le-Strand on the left, Somerset house on the right. Horse traffic, lots of pedestrians

Trafalgar Square 1908
A lion, fountain and St.Martin-in-the-Fields in the distance

Covent Garden Market
Boys and men standing in front of the arched entrance

St.Mary-le-Strand, horse taxis and buses, lots of people

Westminster Bridge 1909
A tram and horse traffic. Big Ben in the distance

Victoria Street 1906
Wesminster Cathedral in the distance. Horse traffic and pedestrians

Boadicea Memorial, Westminster
A man selling maps and guidea and a telescope. Upright

New County Hall and Westminster Bridge
Trams, cars and pedestrians. Big Ben in the distance

Westminster Abbey from Air and Earth
Arial view and the West front of the Abbey

Looking towards the Houses of Parliament. Pedestrians and horse traffic

Avenue, The, 1907  - Willesden
Building on the corner, people on the pavement and the road

Ballards Lane
Both sides, houses behind trees, people walking on the left

Ballards Lane and Princes Parade, Church End
Left sides, houses behind bushes, traffic and people in the distance

Christ College Finchley
Both sides of the road, the college in the distance.

Broadway, Church End Finchley 1908
Right side, shops, people

Christ College Finchley
From North with Chapel. No people

Knightsbridge c1910
Horse traffic, shops in the distance, a statue in the middle of the road

Pack of 10 Christmas Cards Oxford Street c1920
Has Christmas shopping rush changed since then?

High Road Willesden Green
Showing Library

High Road Willesden Green 1916
Showing Public Library

High Road Willesden Green c1905
The Spotted Dog, horse carriages

High Road Willesden Green 1918
The Spotted Dog Pub, upright

High Road Willesden Green c1910
The Spotted Dog Pub, people in front

The Avenue Broomfield Park 1905
Lined with trees, a mansion in the background

Broomfield Park Palmers Green 1907
The manor house behind the lake, a lovely reflection

Broomfield Park Palmers Green c1950
Children playing across the lake

Palmers Green Skinners Almshouses 1905
Lady with two children and a pram standing in front of the ornate gate

Holly Place
Street on the right, looking up

St.Paul's Cathedral - View from the Thames
View of the Cathedral from across the river. Barges in front

Chevening Road 1906
One side, houses behind trees, no people

Hampstead Lane, Highgate
Two men on bikes on the corner and down the road

Hampstead Lane, Highgate 1905
Looking down, houses on the left, trees on the right

Portland Place c1910
Corner, a horse carriage and a car

Praed Street, Great Central Hotel, Paddington
Corner of the Great Central Hotel, horse traffic and bicycle

Paddington Green Childrens Hospital
Corner of the building, children playing

The Park and Bandstand, Acton, 1915
The band stand on the right, a man and a woman with a pram

Russell Hotel, Russell Square, Bloomsbury c1910
The view of the whole building

Gower Street, University College, Bloomsbury c1910
People sitting on the steps in the distance

Southampton Row c1930
Both sides, cars and carriages on the road

Chelsea Bridge c1910
Horse traffic, cyclist and pedestrians. Pram on the right

Sloane Street, Holy Trinity Church
The church on the right, people walking on the left

Eaton Square, St.Peters Church 1905
The front of the church, horses and cars

Eaton Square c1910
Houses on the right, garden on the left

Church Street, Chelsea, 1924
Corner of Cheyne Walk

Lindsey Row, Chelsea 1903
Houses on the right, people walking in the distance

Chelsea Embankment c1910
River on the right, houses on the left. Horse carts

Cheyne Walk, Chelsea c1910
The fenced garden in the middle of the road

Beaufort Street, Chelsea c1910
Both sides of the road, a horse carriage in the middle

Chelsea Hospital Gates opposite Royal Avenue 1900
Chelsea Hospital Gates on the right, people walking 1900

Sydney Street, Chelsea c1910
Both sides, horse carts and a cyclist

Chelsea Barracks c1910
Buildings on the left, trees, people walking

High Holborn 1940s
Bomb damage

Gresham Street and General Post Office c1910
Horse carriages in the semi-circular enclosure

St.Pauls and churchyard
View from above

Billingsgate Market and The Monument, City of London c1910
A horse cart with a lot of boxes, men walking

Collingham Road, Earls Court c1910
St.Cuthbert (?) church on the left, people in the distance

Pall Mall East c1910
Lots of horse traffic and pedestrians

Madame Tussauds, Baker Street 1925
View from the corner

Baker Street c1910
Motor bus with people queuing to get in

Marylebone Road
Car turning in the road, a horse cart in the distance

Marylebone Road, Marylebone Parish Church 1908
Full view of the church, a horse carriage on the road

Bull and Bush Pub, Hampstead Heath
People walking in front

Willoughby Park Road, Hampstead 1904
Left side, 4 women and a man with a bicycle posing

Cadogan Gardens, Kensington c1910
Square on the right, horse carts in the distance

Olympia Way, Kensington c1910
Olympia Exhibition building

Cranley Gardens, Kensington 1910
Church at the end of the road

Clifford Gardens, Kensal Rise c1910
Both sides, a bend in the road in the distance

Warwick Avenue, Maida Vale, 1912
Church in the distance, horse carriages

Westbourne Terrace Road, Maida Vale, 1906
Corner building, people standing and walking

St.Marks Road and St.Quintin Avenue
The junction, ladies crossing the road

Lancaster Gate, Christ Church c1910
Church in the middle, people walking

Talbot Road and St.Stephens Church, Westbourne Park c1910
Policeman and women crossing the road with a pram

Hereford Road, Bayswater c1910
Left side, a horse cart and people in the distance

Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill c1910
Horse carriages in the middle of the road

Lancaster Gate, Bayswater, 1917
View from the park, many women with prams

Regents Park 1908
The drinking fountain and children

Regents Park 1926
The drinking fountain and people

Euston Station 1906
Down American Special at Euston. Trains on both sides, people posing

Bow Street Police Station and Court c1910
Left sige, people walking in front

Bruton Street, Mayfair 1904
Right side, people and horse carriages

Covent Garden Market 1910
The entrance arch, people, boxes

Covent Garden Market 1912
Boxes with flowers and vegetables, people posing

Lambeth Bridge c1910
No traffic either on the bridge or on the river

Horseguards Parade and Royal Artillery War Memorial c1910
Royal Artillery War Memorial and Home Office

Embankment, RAF Memorial 1927
People walking on the embankment, river on the right

Fire Station, Church End, Willesden 1907
Fire ladder on wheels, a fireman

High Road Willesden 1906
Shops on left side

High Road Willesden, Spotted Dog Pub 1908
Pub on the right, dirt road, horse cart in front

Delaware Road, Maida Vale c1910
Both sides, houses on the left

West Cromwell Road, Earls Court c1910
Both sides, horse carts in the distance

Warwick Road, Earls Court c 1910
Both sides, people and horse traffice in the distance

Salusbury Road, Queens Park
Road junction, both sides

Channing House School, Highgate 1906
Playground, children on swings

The Thames at Hammersmith c1910
River Thames, barges, Hammersmith Bridge in the distance

The New Bridge, Regents Park c1910
The lake, 2 people on a boat

Royal Academy of Music, Marylebone Road c1910
Royal Academy of Music, the whole building

St.Johns Church, Kensal Rise, 1908
View from above, the whole building, and the opposite side of Harrow Road

Sloane Square, Chelsea 1905
The Square with lots of people

Oxford Gardens, Notting Hill c1910
Left side, young trees, no people or traffic

Great Central Hotel, Paddington 1903
The whole building viewed from the corner

Hampstead Heath from Turners Firs 1946
Horse riders and people on the path

Roundwood Park c 1910
Open field, three trees, bandstand in the distance

Roundwood Park c 1910
Flower beds, Porter's Lodge and fountain in the distance

Roundwood Park 1905
Porter's Lodge and cafÚ from a hill

Roundwood Park 1903
Bandstand and a man posing

Roundwood Park c 1910
Bandstand and three men

Roundwood Park Gates 1908
Porter's Lodge behind, people posing

Tube Station Queen's Road
Horse bus in front of station 1906

5 views of London 1924
London Bridge, Catholic Cathedral, Guildhall, Victoria Embankment, Queen Victoria Memorial

Ladbroke Gardens 1910
Houses on the left, horse carts and a bikeman

Portland Place c1910
Houses on the right, horse traffic

Tower Bridge 1905
Tower Bridge open, barges and ships

Old Vicarage, St.Marys Willesden c1910
The view of the whole building, no people