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Each photograph can be purchased as a print, digital download or canvas. Click here for more information on these formats

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Available Formats

Each photograph can be purchased as a print, digital download or canvas. Click here for more information on these formats

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Upper Street
Left side, lots of people and horse buses

Islington The Angel 1792
The Angel in 1792

Islington The Angel
Right side. Lots of oeple and horse carts

Bull and Bush Pub
The lawn with lots of people sitting at tables

Bull and Bush Pub 1905
Down at the Old Bull and Bush' - a crowd of people outside

Bull and Bush Pub 1904
Looking from left, people in front

Jack Straw Castle 1909
View from the right, a horse and cart in front

Bull and Bush Pub and North End Road
Both sides of the road, the pub on the right

Bull and Bush Pub
View from the front, one man and a dog

Spaniards Pub 1908
Pub on the left of the road, women with a pram

Welsh Harp, Hendon 1910
The pub on the right, people on bicycles

Holly Bush pub 1940s
Viewed from a narrow street. Car and lots of people

Cenotaph and Jack Straw's Castle
Horse riders, people sitting on benches on the right

Jack Straws Castle 1952
Car and people walking

Jack Straws Castle
View from the left. Horse and cart, two men and a dog

Bull and Bush 1918
View from the right angle, two cars and people

Bull and Bush 1903
View from the right angle, horses, carts and people in front

Spaniards Pub
Three riders coming forward, people standing

Fleet Street, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese 1911
Outside, no people. Upright

The Spaniards 1905 - a drawing
In autumn. Upright

The Spaniards with a motocycle
Motocycle with a passanger side car

Bull and Bush Pub, Hampstead Heath
People walking in front

High Road Willesden, Spotted Dog Pub 1908
Pub on the right, dirt road, horse cart in front

River Brent, Alperton c1910
The bridge on the left, house on the right. Pleasure Boat pub?

Old Spotted Dog, Neasden
Whole building, people standing at the entrance in the distance

Spotted Dog Pub, Neasden 1930
Close up of building on the left, no people

Spotted Dog Pub, Neasden 1945
Ye Old Spotted Dog, building in some distance, no people

Sudbury, Middx c1900
Horse carts, pub on the left

Old Six Bells pub, Church End, Willesden c1910
The Old Six Bells pub, no people

White Hart Hotel pub, Willesden c1910
The hotel sign, building behind trees, people walking on the right

Green Man pub, Kingsbury 1906
The pub building with trees on the left, people walking in the distance on the far left

Chequers Inn pub, Ealing Road, Wembley c1910
Chequers Inn pub from the front, no people, road signs on a lamp post

Outside the White Hart, Willesden c1911
No.8 bus with advertising

Lord Palmerston, High Road Kilburn 1908
The pub on the corner, lots of people

Queens Arms pub, High Road Kilburn 1909
Facing the bulding, a horse bus on the road

The Crown, Cricklewood Broadway c1910
Hotel on the right, horse buses

Crown Hotel, Cricklewood Broadway c1910
Hotel on the left, horse buses in front

The Old Crown, Cricklewood Broadway 1904
Hotel in front, a white horse on right

White Horse, Church Road, Willesden c1880
Lots of men in front of the building, a horse cart and horses

White Hart Hotel, Church End Willesden c1910
The whole building, a tram on the left, a horse cart in front of the pub

Chequers Pub, Ealing Road, Alperton
Pub on the left, trees on the right

White Lion, East Finchley, c.1910
Three men posing, a horse cart on the right

Boot Inn Pump, Edgware, 1904
Horse cart on the left, people on the right

Fuller, Smith and Turner Pub, Chiswick, 1910
A man standing at the entrance