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Each photograph can be purchased as a print, digital download or canvas. Click here for more information on these formats

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Available Formats

Each photograph can be purchased as a print, digital download or canvas. Click here for more information on these formats

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Trafalgar Square c. 1910

Trafalgar Square c. 1910

This view offers a magnificent view of the National Gallery,
manifesting its importance as a the leading national art collection
of Great Britain.

The National Gallery was founded in 1824 by purchasing a private
collection of 38 pictures. Now it houses over 4,000 works of European
art up to 20th century. The building was specially constructed
in 1838.

Among the masterpieces here are works by Botticelli, Leonardo
da Vinci, Titian, Van Dyck, Rubens, Holbein, Rembrandt, Velasquez, Monet,
Renoir, Van Gogh, Cezanne, as well as Hogarth, Constable, Reynolds,
Turner and many others. Click
to see National Gallery building today.

On this photograph you can also clearly see on of the four bronze
(1868), and one of the two fountains (1939).


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Trafalgar Square c. 1910
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Trafalgar Square 1933
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Trafalgar Square c1910
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Trafalgar Square c1930
View from National Gallery onto White Hall. The full length of Nelson's Column

Trafalgar Square 1908
A lion, fountain and St.Martin-in-the-Fields in the distance

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