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Available Formats

Each photograph can be purchased as a print, digital download or canvas. Click here for more information on these formats

Postage and packing

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Westbourne Grove 1906
Both sides, lots of people and horse traffic

The Tower of London c.1910
From the viewing platform showing the towers and Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge
The opening of Tower Bridge

Covent Garden 1908
People and goods carts

Piccadilly Circus c. 1906
Piccadilly takes it name from a 17th century frilly collar called a picadil. A dressmaker grew rich making them and built a house in...

Leicester Square c. 1910
View from above, winter

Trafalgar Square c. 1910
The fountain and National Gallery in the background

Trafalgar Square 1908
View from St.Martin's-in-the-Field showing the Column and the fountain

Oxford Street c.1910
from Oxford Street West looking from Oxford Circus towards Marble Arch

Oxford Circus c. 1907
Oxford Street - Maples. People and horse traffic

Houses of Parliament/Westminster Bridge c.1910
View of the building from across the Wesminster Bridge, buses and pedestrians on the bridge

Buckingham Palace in 1913
The guards in front of the Palace and Queen Victoria Memorial

Westminster Abbey c.1912
Upright view of the west front of Westminster Abbey, cars in front

Manor Park, All Saints Church
Viewed from the left side of the road. A couple of men walking, plus horse traffic

Victoria and Albert Museum 1939
The whole building from the front, with a small square in front and old cars on the road

Victoria and Albert Museum
Viewed from the corner, people and cars

Hyde Park Corner 1904
2 horse cart with 2 drivers + man on bike

Covent Garden 1947
Traders, a man with three buskets on head

Covent Garden
Goods carts and people

St Johns Wood Onslow Ford Memorial
Onslow Ford Memorial

St Johns Wood Chapel 1906
Horse carriages, the chapel in the distance

Kensington Gardens and Serpentine
A romantic view of the lake from between bushes. Lots of boats

Highbury Grove 1906
Houses behind trees. A bus in the distance

Islington Green Cemetary, East Finchley
Davids Path. A chapel in the background, three people in the middle

Monument c1905
Upright, the whole of the Monument

Monument c 1910
Viewed from a distance, showing some shops and traffic.

The Monument is behind houses, big advertising boards on the left hand side building. Men in suits walking in front.

Bank of England c1910
Horse carriages and people. Bank is on the left, Royal Exchange on the right. A drawing

Bank of England c1920s
Viewed from an elevated point, cars, buses and people

Billingsgate Market
Lots of people, a horse cart with barrels

Irish State Coach
Four white horses, the coach and the coachman

St.Paul's Cathedral 1872
The Thanksgiving day illumination of St. Paul's Cathedral

St.Pauls Cathedral 1946
The back of the Cathedral from Cannon Street

St.Paul's Cathedral from across the Thames 1926
St.Paul's dome above buildings

St.Paul's Cross 1931
The full length of the cross with people around. Upright

Ludgate Hill and Queen Anne's Statue 1916
Looking onto Fleet Street. Lots of people and horse traffic

Buckingham Palace
Side view, 2 cars, people in the distance

Buckingham Palace c1910
Side view, people walking. Flag on top

Buckingham Palace from the lake 1907
Viewed from across the lake in St.James's Garden

Guards Band Buckingham Palace 1950
Cars behind the band

Hyde Park Corner/Grosvenor Place Wellington's Statue & Ark
People and horse carriages in the distance

St.James's Palace c1910
The tower with a clock. Men walking, a horse carriage

St.James's Palace c1910
One side. A guard marching.

The Mall, Green Park and Queen Victoria Memorial 1913
The Memorial in the distance. Young trees

Lambeth Palace
From the opposite bank of the Thames, a peer in the middle of the river

Lambeth Palace 1940s
A large car and people in front

St Thomas Hospital
Viewed from the northern bank of the Thanmes. Boats on the river

Manchester Square, W1 1908
Hertford House (containing the Wallace Collection) Horse carriages and people crossing the street

Marylebone Road 1905
Horses, trycicle, people, both sides, MdeTusseaus in background

Marble Arch c1910
Viewed towards Hyde Park, people walking, a horse carriage

Marble Arch c1910
View from Hyde Park, people walking, a horse rider

The Tower of London 1910
From viewing platform, goods horse carts in front

The Tower of London from Tower Bridge
Vied from across the Thames

Tower Bridge
Bridge opening. Boats on the Thames

Admiralty Arch
A view from air and earth

Covent Garden 1923
Lots of stacked boxed

Covent Garden, Opera House c1910
Viewed from a corner, people and horse carriages

Covent Garden
Greens and sacks on lots of stalls outside

Leicester Square 1904
View from an elevated point, the Alhambra and the Shakespeare statue

Leicester Square 1905
From above, the Shakespear statue in the middle, Alhambra Theatre in the background

Piccadilly Circus 1960s
View from above on the Shaftsbury Avenue corner, Eros in the middle

Piccadilly Circus c1910
Horse traffic and people

Trafalgar Square 1940s
Posing for a photograph with the pigeons

Trafalgar Square and St.Martin-in-the-Fields
Half a colunm, two fountains, St.Martin-in-the-Fields and a part of National Gallery

Houses of Parliament c1910
From the south bank of the Thames. Boats in front

London, Westminster and the Thames in 1584
Arial view. Houses on the north bank, fields on the south bank of the Thames

New Government Mews, Prince's Street, Story's Gate 1828
People in front, Westminster Abbey behind

Trafalgar Square 1916
Half of column, old bus + car, most of National Gallery, side of St.Martins

Trafalgar Square 1904
London. National Gallery. Horse carriages from the back, Gallery + St.Martins in

Trafalgar Square c1910
From above, the Column in full, view on St.Martins and corner of National Gallery

Westminster Abbey c1910
Upright, Grand Entrance

Westminster Abbey west front 1905
No traffic or people + coat of arms

Westminster Bridge and Houses of Parliament 1910-20
Houses of Parliament from the south bank of the Thames. Buses and horse traffic

Whitehall 1940s
The horse guards

St.Paul's Cathedral - View from Fleet Street
Upright. Lots of traffic. St.Paul's in the distance

St.Paul's Cathedral - View from Fleet Street
Upright. Lots of traffic. St.Paul's in the distance

Welsh Harp Reservoir 1910
Two sails in the distance

Tower of London 1908
A panaramic view from Tower Bridge, a drawing

Westminster Abbey.  Coronation 1911
Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary, 22 June 1911. The Royal Carriage leaving the Abbey

Whitehall. The Cenotaph
'In Memory of Our Glorious Dead' Flowers at the bottom and a soldier

Trafalgar Square c1930
View from National Gallery onto White Hall. The full length of Nelson's Column

Victoria Memorial and the Mall. Silver Jubilee 1935
Royal procession passing the Queen Victoria Memorial. View from above

Buckingham Palace c1910
Lots of people, flag on top

Twyford Abbey
Monks on the left in the garden

Cannon Street, St.Pauls Cathedral c1910
Pedestrians on the left, horse traffic on the road

Buckingham Palace 1912
Flag on top, people walking

Tower of London  - Trators Gate and St.Thomas Tower
A man with a child, a couple of people

Tower of London - The Middle Gate
A group of people walking out

Trafalgar Square 1908
A lion, fountain and St.Martin-in-the-Fields in the distance

Westminster Bridge 1909
A tram and horse traffic. Big Ben in the distance

New County Hall and Westminster Bridge
Trams, cars and pedestrians. Big Ben in the distance

Westminster Abbey from Air and Earth
Arial view and the West front of the Abbey

St.Paul's Cathedral - View from the Thames
View of the Cathedral from across the river. Barges in front

Chelsea Hospital Gates opposite Royal Avenue 1900
Chelsea Hospital Gates on the right, people walking 1900

St.Pauls and churchyard
View from above

Madame Tussauds, Baker Street 1925
View from the corner

Victoria Embankment and Hotel Cecil
Hotels on the left, river Thames behind trees on right, showing Cleopatras Needle

British Museum, Bloomsbury, c1910
Front view, no people

The Monument, City of London, c1910
Upright view, houses on both sides, men walking

The Monument, City of London, c1910
Upright view, the Monument only

St.Pauls Cathedral, City of London, c1910
View of the front, small houses in front

St.Pauls Cathedral, City of London, c1910
View of the front, some people

St.Pauls Cathedral, City of London, 1956
View from above, houses on both sides, some traffic

The Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens, c1910
Upright view, Albert Hall behind

The Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens, c1910
Upright view, some people in front, the park behind

Westminster Cathedral, c1910
Upright view, no people

Hampton Court, Kings Arms Hotel c1910
Hotel on the right next to the gates. Horse riders and people

Birds Eye View of the City of London c1910
St.Pauls Cathedral in the distance